What is Henna?

Henna is leafy powder which is used to dye skin. hair , fingernails as well as fabrics. Dry henna powder is mixed with the liquids such as lemon juice, water, strong tea and some essential oils to make it as paste depending on the tradition. Henna Paste can be applied with many traditional and innovative tools like cones, syringes,jacquard bottles etc. Usually henna takes 24 to 48 hours time to release the dye. That why we recomend atleast plan 2 days before your event.A light orange color henna stain is acheived with in minutes , but longer the paste darker and long lasting henna color, so it needs to be left as long as possible. Overnights are the best.

Taking care of your Henna

It is always good to done your Henna/Mehandi for atleast 2 days before your event. Mehandi reaches its peak color with in 24-48 hours once the henna paste is removed from your skin. Always check with the Mehandi artist whether they are using their own Henna paste or Pre-made Henna cones from the store. Store bought pre-made henna cones contains chemicals and they are sitting in the store for longer time , so the color of the Henna differs. I always use my own Henna paste , i mix myself with lemon and some essential oils.

Henna paste has to be on for minimum 6-7 hours. If you are getting your henna in the evening , i suggest to keep the paste on for all night.If you are doing that in the day, you can take the paste off in the night. Once the henna application is done always use lemon and sugar solution. The lemon and sugar solution helps the henna to stick on to your skin and also helps in releasing the dye process.Lemon and Sugar solution can be applied 2-3 times not more than that.

Once the henna paste is dry , i always suggest my clients to wrap the henna with some paper towels (Toilet Paper is the best).Paper towels help in securing the design and it also allows the air curculation and the design cannot get messy. Also the henna paste is not going to fall all over the place. You can also use some Medical tapes .Dont wrap the henna design with the plastic gloves because when we wear plastic gloves the air doesn't circulate and due to excess moisture it ruins the henna design and it gets sloppy.

How to remove henna?

When you are ready to remove your henna paste., apply some generous amount of the oil (mustard oil,olive oil, vegetable oil any kind works) and let it sit for 10 - 12 minutes and scrape it off. Do not wash it with water. Avoid water for minimum 2 hrs.

Henna Color

Once the henna paste is removed we can observe orange stain and the color will progress and becomes dark red. Palms and feet are the best places to get good color. Henna stain typically lasts for 2 weeks and after that it starts fading away. Avoid the skin exfoliation and frequent contact with water.

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